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Auditing and revision of accounts

As registered audit experts (registration number 501096), we audit your annual accounts if you are legally obliged to do so or if you would like a voluntary audit. Our auditing services also support you with other statutory audits such as:

  • Founding audits
  • Audits for capital increase
  • Audits for capital reduction
  • Conversion

We will be happy to advise you on the audit that is necessary or possible for your company.



Who is required by law to undergo an audit?

Smaller corporations with more than 10 full-time employees must have their annual accounts audited on a limited basis. Corporations that exceed two of the three relevant size criteria (20 million balance sheet total, 40 million turnover, 250 FTE) in two consecutive years must be duly audited. Different criteria apply to associations. However, legal entities can also have their annual accounts audited voluntarily.

Auditing – Special audits

The law provides for several special audits for specific circumstances. For example, when founding an AG or GmbH through a contribution in kind, an auditor must submit an audit report. This also applies if a sole proprietorship is to be converted into a GmbH or AG. Likewise, for example, a capital reduction at an AG or GmbH requires the report of an auditor.

Voluntary audit for associations or NPO

Although not necessarily obliged to have their annual accounts revised by law, companies and especially associations can decide to have their annual accounts checked voluntarily. For associations, this can be valuable in order to present an independent report regarding the annual accounts to the general meeting. In order to obtain ZEWO certification, non-profit organisations are required to have their annual accounts revised by an external auditor.

Auditing of public bodies

The law places high demands on the accounts of public bodies. As the auditing body, we examine the correctness of the accounting and compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions.