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Tax consulting

Most financial transactions have tax consequences, both for direct and indirect taxes. We help you to solve tax difficulties with our long-standing expertise. We offer our tax consulting services to both private individuals and companies. We support you in completing your tax return and show you potential for optimisation. Contact us. We can provide advice in German, English and French. You can read about current tax issues in our blog.


Tax consulting for private individuals

For private individuals

We support you in completing your personal tax return. We are also happy to provide advice on a case-by-case basis on more complex tax issues – tax issues that may arise, for example, when selling real estate, withdrawing retirement assets, moving abroad or in the case of separated couples.

Tax consulting for companies

For companies

For companies, mergers, demergers, sales, restructuring and acquisitions can give rise to complex VAT and direct tax issues. This is why we provide you with our expertise and show you the tax consequences of your business decisions.