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Fiduciary services for doctors and dentists

We are a trusted partner of FMH Services (Fiduciary) and are therefore very familiar with the needs and concerns of doctors and dentists. We are committed to supporting you in all phases of your professional life.

Starting with the founding or takeover of a practice. We work with you to develop the business plan and secure the financing.

During your active professional life, we support you in the administration of your practice. We manage your bookkeeping and prepare the annual accounts in accordance with legal requirements. This will give you a picture of your current financial situation. With our tax consulting services, we continuously show you potential for optimisation. At the end of your active career, we will support you in the succession process and plan your retirement with you.


FMH Trust Partner Fiduciary

Blaser Treuhand AG is a legally and economically independent consulting company recommended by the FMH Services Cooperative.

Founding a practice and financing

Founding a practice

The decision to continue providing medical care independently in your own practice is a big step. Whether you are taking over an existing practice, joining a group practice or founding a new one, we will support you. Be it the purchase contract, the purchase price, the choice of the right legal form, the preparation of a business plan or the financing options.

Accounting for doctors and dentists

Accounting and financial statements

Careful accounting and good quality financial statements guarantee you a clear overview of your financial situation and easy cooperation with the authorities. Whether you want to manage your bookkeeping independently or outsource it completely, we will find a tailor-made solution for you.

Payroll accounting

Payroll administration

Payroll administration is a time-consuming and increasingly complex process. Every practice with employees is affected by this. There are many special cases (maternity, illness, withholding tax, etc.) that make this daily administration more complicated. We lighten the load for you in this area so that you can focus your time and energy on the well-being of your patients.

Tax consulting for doctors and dentists

Tax consulting/pension planning

Tax issues are becoming increasingly complex. Especially in connection with a good pension solution or real estate. The former is particularly important for doctors and dentists because of the late start into professional life due to their training. We will show you ways to design your pension solution in accordance with Swiss tax law. But we are also your contact for all your other tax questions.

Succession planning for doctors and dentists

Succession planning

Before you can enjoy your retirement, the succession of your practice must be seriously arranged. This raises questions about the optimal selling price of your practice and the resulting tax consequences. In addition, special tax challenges arise if you wish to spend your retirement abroad. Start early with succession planning, because only good planning can prevent difficulties later on.