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Human resources

Personnel administration is a challenging field. It starts with the careful selection of a new employee, through the correct calculation and timely payment of wages, to the correct year-end processing of wage data. There are a number of stumbling blocks and uncertainties along the way. In particular, special cases of illness, accident, maternity or complex remuneration schemes require a great deal of expertise. That is why we support you throughout the entire process or provide you with advice on specific cases. Contact us for a quote or to discuss your needs without obligation.


Outsource your payroll accounting

Payroll accounting

Correct payroll accounting requires a great deal of expertise on the part of the person responsible. Many exceptions and special cases make life difficult. We can take over the entire payroll accounting for you and guarantee correct wage payment and year-end processing. Alternatively, we can provide advice to ensure that complicated cases are handled correctly.


Find the right employee


Are you looking for a new employee in the area of finance/accounting, but so far you have not been able to find a suitable candidate? We support you throughout the whole process, from advertising the vacancy, interviewing candidates to carefully selecting the right candidate for you.